How to Get Started with LawStream

Switching to LawStream may be easier than you think. We offer a white glove service to move your existing platform to LawStream, often within 6 weeks. LawStream can be tested by your Firm, and you can switch when you feel completely comfortable.

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Step 1: Getting to know your Law Firm

A senior technicain from our team will meet with you to assess your existing IT environment. There is no obligation, and we are happy to assist in solving IT pain points. 

At this meeting we will discover what existing software you use, where all your data lives, and what areas would be improved with switching to LawStream if you choose to do so. 

Step 2: Set up LawStream for you to test 

We take a snapshot of your current data and software, and set up a test environment in LawStream. 

This let’s you see how LawStream looks and feels with your data in it – so there are no surprises. 

Because this is only a snapshot it will run separately from your live platform. So there is no commitment to switch, and no cost. 

Step 3: Switch to LawStream 

Once you are happy with LawStream, our team will switch over your systems, and support your staff every step of the way. 

Often the final switchover takes place over a weekend. Our technical team ensures that all data is moved over, and everything is tested. Monday morning our staff will be on-site at your office so that your team feels supported as they get used to the new system. 

Step 4: Ongoing Support and Assistance 

Your dedicated technical advisor, backed by our team of professionals, will continue to support your firm. 

Our support presence will be intensive for the first few days to ensure your staff get up and running smoothly with the new look and feel. The same team will be behind you ongoing if any issues arise. 

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