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Move to the cloud, but stay in control. LawStream is built inside a cloud account that is owned by your Law Firm. Your servers and files are owned by you and no one else. 


LawStream is built with industry leading cloud computing technologies trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies, and completely hosted in Canada.

Located in Canada 

Canadian data residency is a requirement for many law firms. All aspects of LawStream are hosted in Canada. 

Built with Industry Leading Cloud Infrastructure

LawStream is built on Microsoft Azure infrastructure which is trusted by 95% of fortune 500 companies, and has a 99.9% uptime Guarantee. 

Upfront Predictable Costs

No hidden costs or fees, LawStream pricing is a flat fee per month per user, with no longterm commitment. Pricing is publicly posted, and designed to scale with your Firm. 

Unparalleled 24/7 support 

LawStream is backed by 24/7 on-call support. Our team is there for your team, when you need us. 

IT Systems Planning and Upgrades 

LawStream is not a platform stuck in time. It is maintained and upgraded to always be current and secure. If other decisions need to be made, our team of technical experts can assist with developing an IT roadmap for your Firm. 

Software Vendor Management 

We work with Law Firm software vendors to resolve issues, so you are not caught in the middle.

LawStream FAQ

Yes. LawStream is hosted in a Microsoft Azure Datacenter located in Toronto, Canada. Geo-Redundant backups are stored in a Microsoft Azure Datacenter located in Quebec City, Canada.

Your Firm does. This is a key differentiation with LawStream. We first open an account with Microsoft for your Firm – that is owned by your Firm. LawStream – including all of your files, servers, emails are built inside this account. While we support and maintain the system, all of the data is owned by your Firm, and can be moved to any IT service provider in the future if you choose. 

This depends on your LawStream package. All of our included storage and pricing for additional storage is publicly posted here.

No, it is built in a secured, dedicated account, owned by the firm on a public cloud called Microsoft Azure. This is a key differentiation for LawStream. Private clouds maintained by small companies simply cannot reach the scale, and stability that is offered in public clouds. The world class facilities built by Microsoft are trusted by 95% of fortune 500 companies. 

Take a virtual tour of a Microsoft Datacenter – We Live in the Cloud | Microsoft Story Labs 

This is up to your firm to decide, but we strongly believe that public clouds are better than private clouds for these reasons. 

  1. Ownership
    A private cloud is a collection of servers that are physically owned and operated by a small company, usually located in space they rent inside of a datacenter. This means that all of the documents and data for your Firm are physically sitting on hardware owned by another company, the same hardware that is being used by other firms that use the same provider.

    A public cloud is a much larger facility, owned by a public company. There are three main companies that offer public cloud services. Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. LawStream uses Microsoft datacenters that are located in Canada.
    LawStream is built inside of an account with Microsoft that is owned and registered to your law firm. This means that your firm owns the data at all times.
  1. Stability
    While a private cloud is owned, maintained, and managed by a small local team. A public cloud is maintained and secured by thousands of engineers. This does not mean that public clouds cannot have problems, but if they do, there are many more resources to restore operations on a public cloud.
  1. Investment
    Often private clouds maintained by small companies with low budgets. Public clouds invest 10s of billions a year in their infrastructure.
    This investment means that your firm can benefit from always best in-class technology, and security.

    See this article on Microsfoft Azure investment in Canada – Microsoft announces significant investments to further Canadian innovation and growth – Microsoft News Center Canada
  1. Scalability
    The resources available in the public cloud will allows for a rapid increase or decrease of services to meet your firms demands.

  2. Security and Compliance
    Microsoft Azure cloud services have meet the most highest levels of security and compliance standards. They lead the public cloud space, and private clouds canot even come close.
    See more details here – Azure compliance documentation | Microsoft Docs

Yes. Even though LawStream uses the latest technology, it can work with all of your existing practice management, and documentation software. 

Very. All data owned by your firm is secured, encrypted, and 100% located in Canada.
LawStream incorporates industry leading security products to filter web browsing from your system, and to guard your devices from malicious activity.
Any remote access to your systems are protected with Multi-Factor Authentication. 
Modern attackers often target the people in your firm, instead of the technology. Included in LawStream is a security awareness and training platform. We enroll each of your staff, and to have a 5-10 minute monthly training program so that they remain vigilant to attackers. This is followed up with monthly phishing testing to see if further training is required. 

No. Any modern device can be used to access your LawStream services. If you are using a LawStream cloud desktop, you can reach your desktop and open any of your applications with any device. 

No. We hate hidden and surprise costs as much as you do. If there are additional costs, these are normally quoted and agreed upon ahead of time. In general, our costs are solely per user as publicly posted here.

Yes, your data is backed up nightly to a different physical region in Canada. This means that if there were a catastrophic even here in Toronto, your backups in Quebec City would still be available.  

We also offer backups to non-Microsoft location so that your backups are not on the public cloud at all. See us for details and options on backups and redundancy. 

Unlimited support means that we are here to help as much as needed with no additional costs. Unlimited support includes site visits as much as you need, at no extra cost. 

Unlimited support means that we fix anything that is not working within the scope of your LawStream package. Outside of business hours there is a minimal additional fee for support requested. 

Unlimited support does not include anything outside of the scope of your LawStream package. For instance, office moves, IT issues at staff members homes or for personal devices are not included. 

Yes. Your dedicated technical advisor will make site visits whenever you need them. Speak to us to about scheduling regular monthly or weekly site visits to be there for your staff if they need anything.

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