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If you are responsible for IT at your Firm, you have a lot on your shoulders. You need to plan, purchase, maintain and fix problems. Everyone looks to you if there are issues.

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Your firm is growing, and you don’t want to fly by the seat of your IT pants anymore – you are ready for an IT service provider. 

Congratulations – you’re on the way up! And now that you’ve seen a few staff come and go, you rightly have concerns about IT security and putting best practices in place. Your small team is a well-oiled machine … but when there are IT issues, work grinds to a halt and everyone relies on you to solve them. 

When it no longer makes sense for you to be the in-house IT expert, here’s how the LawStream platform can help – 

  • LawStream provides one consistent technology platform for all of your cloud services. As your team grows, the IT services you rely on can easily grow too. (Dropbox, zoom, WeTransfer, Gmail) This becomes a challenge to manage and control, it is also a security risk. LawStream provides a complete platform that is secure, compliant, and hosted in Canada.
  • LawStream includes a technical advisor dedicated to your firm backed by a team of IT professionals. We are here to help with IT issues of all sorts, including dealing with other IT software vendors. 
  • We are also a small firm. We understand your desire to keep overhead low. We can scale along with your growth, with more service when you need it and less when you don’t. If your activity slows down for any reason, our fees adjust accordingly. 

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You have an IT service provider – but for whatever reason, or set of reasons, you aren’t happy. 

You made the decision to bring in an IT professional already. However, you may still be responsible for maintaining costly servers in your office, you may have a number of cloud services that aren’t working together well, and IT support is cold and impersonal. 

Your IT setup does not need to be so complex, and unresponsive. Here is how LawStream can make your IT more simple, and easier to use. 

  • LawStream is a comprehensive package that includes all the services you need, and they work together. 
  • LawStream comes with predictable cost, without the worry of upgrading, replacing and maintaining servers in your office. 
  • Benefit from a true partnership experience with an IT firm that has been working with law firms since 2009.

To see how LawStream can benefit your firm, sign up for a free trial. 

You already use an IT cloud platform – however, you are not happy with the service 

You crossed the bridge to move to a cloud platform already. The relationship started well, but you and your team are increasingly frustrated by slow response times, inexperienced tech support staff and the feeling that you are just another number in a queue. Plus, you’re weary of complicated billing and overcharges you can’t track. 

You are wondering if there is a better cloud platform out there, but have concerns about making the switch, and once you do make the switch, will the new service really be better? 

First, we understand your concerns and have assisted clients in this situation many times before. Here is the steps we take to alleviate your concerns. 

  • LawStream comes with a free trial for you to see how the system looks and feels. 
  • LawStream’s pricing is publicly posted, no catches or surprises.
  • Unlike the tiered help desk system used by many IT services, we set you up with a dedicated technical advisor who’s committed to understand your unique business, and who will serve as your first point of contact for all support requests. This provides continuity on IT issues. 

If you do want to explore switching to LawStream, our experienced technical specialists can advise you on how to minimize risk and retain control if you must disconnect with your current provider. We are happy to answer your questions, and will never pressure you to make a change. 

To see how LawStream can benefit your firm, talk to one of our consultants. 

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